The town of Blackstone is located in the heart of southside Virginia. We offer an abundance of restaurants and an active downtown district with unique shops. We welcome you to enjoy the best Blackstone has to offer for yourself.

We are located just 35 miles southwest of Petersburg and 50 miles south of Richmond. Lynchburg is 80 miles to the west and Washington D.C. 150 miles to the north






The Village of Blacks and Whites dates back to the Revolutionary War, but its exact date is unknown. The name was derived from two rival tavern keepers, Mr. Schwartz and Mr. White. In German, Schwartz means black and therefore the crossroads came to be known as Blacks and Whites. On April 7, 1829, a Blacks and Whites Post Office was established. However, the name was changed to Bellefonte on May 11, 1875, so that it would be identical with the name of the Norfolk and Western Railroad Station. Then on August 4, 1882, the town was renamed Blacks and Whites. At a meeting of the local citizens, Dr. Jethro Meriwether Hurt proposed the name Blackstone after Sir William Blackstone (1723-1780), who was an English jurist. On February 23, 1886, the name of Blacks and Whites was changed to Blackstone. Blackstone was first incorporated on February 23, 1888.

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The Town of Blackstone will begin removing flowers, decorations or other personal items from Lakeview Cemetery on March 2, 2020.  Please note that all items are subject to removal.  The removal of these items shall continue until March 6, 2020.  After which time items may be returned and placed only in accord with the Town of Blackstone’s cemetery policy.  A copy of the Town’s cemetery policy is available from the Blackstone Town Manager’s office, 100 W. Elm Street.  Cemetery policies may also be requested at n.greer@townofblackstoneva.com or (434) 292-7251.

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100 W. Elm Street, Blackstone, VA 23824  (434) 292-7251